Misunderstood Witches

Merry meet all,

Samhain is a  festive time. It can also be a stressful time. You want to break out the cauldrons, besoms and maybe a skull or two. But there is always that one person who will never understand why you do what you do. Don’t fret over it. Here are some coping skills.

One Keep your cool. If you want to be taken seriously for your Craft, then try staying calm. I know the urge to burn tons of sage in your room to keep out a nosy disapproving aunt is overwhelming but it might not be the solution. (For the most part, I can’t blame you but I digress.) I live with not being understood by not just muggles but EVERYONE around me 24 out of 7. If it helps, distract yourself with a hobby. Go for a walk. A walk can help to clear your head and give you a fresher perspective on things.

Two Try discussing it – and here is the big word, Calmly with those who don’t understand your desire to commune with your chosen god or goddess. Losing your cool or temper only makes you look bad. Prove you are knowledgeable about your craft and they will take you more seriously.

Three If you live at home with parents still, and I am not suggesting you suddenly get your own apartment before having the financial means to do so just to be a witch and defy parents. Real maturity means understanding everyone’s perspective. It is hard I know but believe me, its better. If company is coming over and you know some of them don’t understand or will react in a hostile way to your beliefs, discuss it with parents beforehand. Again try to do this calmly. Then call or text a trusted friend to vent and meet over a coffee or two.

Four If that doesn’t work, then just stay in your room and be alone. If you tried the above suggestions and it still didn’t work out, don’t sweat it. Stay calm and be alone until the company leaves. I live on my own and I still deal with certain things. I know how it feels. I have had family members ostracize me for being a witch and refuse to speak to me. They treated me like I was out of my mind when I asked for an explanation. I know it sucks. Unfortunately, it is the way the world is. Thanks to the Church and media for poisoning the public against witches- the real poisoned apple, anyone? We are perceived a certain way. I am believing lately that can’t be changed but how we react to it can.

Five No one said life was fair. We can’t change anyone around us but we can change ourselves. In other words, we can control our responses to things. Life is bloody unfair. I do realize that. But I have accepted that I am not understood. I have moved on. I am not dwelling on it. I do think of it from time to time. But I wasn’t given an explanation which I think was harsh but that is the way they are. If someday they want a resolution, I might be there to talk to them but I would remember the way I was treated. I didn’t deserve it but I see the situation that led to that. I won’t discuss it here but at the same time, if an explanation is never given, the person is forced to arrive at their own conclusion. So if a resolution between us is never reached, I will still live peacefully with it. That is because I now understand everything, I understand the situation and I know that my response to it is something I can control.

Now…. I hope this helps anyone who is struggling with feeling misunderstood or such. I hope this reaches those people. Present yourself as a mature adult or teen or whatever you are and more understanding might be created. Have a fun Samhain! Be yourself. Your awesome mystical wonderful amazing self.

Here are some cool links:

The first links takes you to a podcast. The podcast is an interview with a wonderful master storyteller and friend of mine, Steve Vernon. He shares some haunted tales of Halifax. The podcast is almost an hour long.


Here is some fun spooky reading through the month of October. The Horror Writers Association hosts an annual blog event which I am partaking in. Enjoy. http://horror.org/halloween-haunts-welcome-michele-brittany/

My short story, The Grimm Pumpkin, is published in this awesome eerie anthology One Night in Salem. FunDead Publications has also produced a few other books and they are worth checking out. To learn more, go to my Paranormal & Witchy Fiction blog and then to Published works page, where you can click on the thumbnail image to be directed to the publisher’s website.

NOW AVAILABLE! One Night in Salem

So if the stress is driving you insane, chill out with those above links.

Blessed Mabon near Samhain,

Spiderwitch )O(


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Protectors Of The Earth: Remembering The Radical Legacy Of The Witch

Source: Protectors Of The Earth: Remembering The Radical Legacy Of The Witch

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via A Kitchen Witch’s Samhain: Ancestor altars, divination and dumb suppers

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Thrifty Shopping for Samhain )O(

Paranormal& Witchy Fiction

Merry meet all,

Are you spying pumpkins and sunflowers on store shelves yet? The local stores here are now carrying their range of ghoulish and witchy Halloween items. I scored a stunning dress yesterday. Its the perfect time to stock up on items for Samhain. I believe that the best witchy items aren’t found at witchy shops but at thrift shops.

You don’t have to blow the bank to stock up on Samhain provisions. I can’t afford to though I wish I could. Candles, incense and gemstones can be purchased on a budget. While you are shopping, ask yourself if you will use it and if you really need it. Buy something that has more than one purpose. A gown that you will wear once shouldn’t be bought at full price. The Halloween trinket that looks cool now may end up collecting dust on a shelf. Think hard about your…

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Echoes of October


Merry meet all,

I attended a Druid ritual for Mabon on the weekend. I enjoyed the ritual. The weather was cooperative.

Now is the time for dusting off our cauldrons, and collecting as many candles, incense and charcoal discs as you can. The Witches’ most magical and powerful time of year is almost here. October is my fave time of year. I pretend its October every day of the year but when October arrives, I feel the most alive. I don’t think I am the only one here.

I anticipate the release of One Night in Salem, the poetry anthology publication of my horror poem, Samhain rituals, colorful autumn leaves, herb harvest and many more things to look forward to. I plan to bake halloween cookies, mm coffin cookies anyone?  watch horror movies, perform an ancestral supper and a solitary rit, and try to connect with my ancestors and spirits this October. I’ll bake barnbrack bread, pumpkin bread, brew pumpkin soup, roast seeds and conjure potions. I also like to do a horror novel trivia, and I should try writing more horror poetry. Maybe tell ghost stories around a campfire.

October is a month to live for. I don’t know of any other more magickal month of the year. I hope you all savor the month of October as passionately as I do.

Blessings, Spiderwitch )O(

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Spidery Inspirations

Merry meet all,

Autumn Equinox is almost here. This morning, I sipped my hot coffee while gazing out at my garden, standing next to my alert kitty. My cat watched as two cats almost duked it out. The orange cat ran off and the gray cat stood her ground. The day is overcast. The sky threatens to open and unleash a downpour. It looks like an autumn morning.  The nasturtiums grace my garden with their fiery colors and charm. I love it.

I already have a pumpkin for making soup and roasting seeds. I also have a chicken to roast. I do believe I will have a feast this Mabon!!! I hope you all are preparing for Mabon too.

I’m sewing a black wool poncho. I happen to have some black and white spider web material. I want to add the spider web fabric to the black wool poncho. I know it seems odd to add that type of gaudy Halloween fabric to black wool. If anyone has ideas on how to make it witchy, be my guest. One good idea to do when you are sewing something like this is to google witchy poncho outfits. Click on images to see ideas of how other people did it and then you will have a better idea of how to sew yours. I bought 1 meter of the black wool and the other 2 meters were free.

I’m excited about my horror poem, Encounter with Death, being published in a horror poem anthology this fall. My short story, The Grimm Pumpkin, is published in an anthology One Night in Salem. The release date is Sept. 30!!! I’m waiting to hear back about other projects. If you fly on your broomstick to my other blog, Paranormal & Witchy Fiction, and click on Published Works, you will be taken to the publisher’s website where you can buy the book.

I love fall and all the gifts it brings. I wish you all a wonderful magickal Mabon.

Blessings, Lady Spiderwitch )O(

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Harvest Time

Merry meet all,

The harvest season is here. The next turn in the Wheel of the Year is Mabon. My garden is vibrant, full of beautiful flowers. Birds, cats and insects visit it many times. I don’t have the veggie harvest  I hoped for but I can still harvest a cucumber, a tomato, a Chinese lantern and many herbs and leaves.

I am not growing veggies anymore. The area for them is full of roots and rocks. It is impossible. I will instead attempt growing herbs and flowers there instead. I also tried growing carrots. The rain washed away the seeds. So I know herbs and flowers are likely to grow. The herbs I want to grow are mandrake, lots of mugwort, monkshood, sage, more lavender, more comfrey and calendula and moonwort. I would grow mandrake for its root. I am also going to harvest garlic!!! Mmmmm

That will happen next spring. I will harvest raspberry leaf, woodruff, lavender, winter my rosemary and calendula indoors, oregano, lemon balm, chives and comfrey. I can use comfrey for fertilizer or healing. I plan to grow chives indoors. Chives give food flavor that can’t be beat.

Mabon is a time of balance. Mabon is the second harvest Sabbat. I love Mabon as it always feels truly magickal to me. Mabon is about yin and yang, and a time when day and night are in equal balance. Mabon is the autumn equinox. The symbols of Mabon are gourds, pumpkins, corn, apples, pomegranates, grains, horn of plenty, and pinecones. The colors of Mabon are reds, greens, brown and gold. The incense is benzoin, myrrh and sage. The gemstones are tigers eye, sapphire and lapiz lazuli. The activities of Mabon are Making wine, gathering dried herbs, plants, seeds and seed pods, walking in the woods, scattering offerings in harvested fields, offering libations to trees, adorning burial sites with leaves, acorns, and pine cones to honor those who have passed over.

It ushers Samhain in. Mabon is a magickal time and I hope you all have a wonderful harvest.

Blessings, Lady Spiderwitch )O(

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Autumn Harvest

Merry meet all,

I’m excited about the upcoming publication of my short story, The Grimm Pumpkin, in the anthology One Night in Salem, produced by FunDead Publications. I have signed the contract and finished the edits. If you go over to my Published Works page, the book is listed there. If you hover the mouse over the image of the book, you are taken by hyperlink to the publisher’s website. You can learn more about the book and where to preorder the book. I can’t wait for the book release. I am proud to be involved in this project.

The other good news is that the anthology of childrens’ poetry including my poem is also published. Not by the same publisher, but I feel great about that too. The book is also listed in my bibliography.

The next turn in the Wheel of the Year is Mabon. Its hard to believe that much time has passed. I love Mabon which is a magical time. The leaves change and a chill creeps into the air. I look forward to Mahon and will post more on that later.

I’m still studying hard at Sacred Mists. I enjoy it very much. I’m learning lots of different things.

I’m nearing the end of edits on my paranormal novel. It’s been a huge amount of work but I know I’m getting there. I can’t wait to finish it and get on with new writing projects.

I’m sorry for not posting more but I’ve been busy. I promise to post more often, esp., with my fave season just around the corner.

I’ve also finally achieved some clarity about a strange nightmare I had. That makes me feel a lot better. I dreamed of some nasty beast and I heard it may have been a paranormal entity feeding off my energy. I am much relieved to hear that because it gives me peace of mind to finally know what I saw in the dream. 

Blessings, Lady Spiderwitch



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Sacred Mists Announcement

Merry meet all,

I have awesome news. I got my Hogwarts letter again. I am now enrolled at Sacred Mists Online Wiccan College studying my First Degree.I am too excited. I am certain I will have a better time studying there than at the Temple of Witchcraft. I want a narrative to follow and to advance my studies. I want to see if there’s more to witchcraft than is what I currently know. I intend to complete the whole course up to the 3rd degree.

Its in the hallowed halls of Sacred Mists that I will find the answers to my questions. I can’t wait to get started. Better dust off my Book of Shadows and cauldron.

I am eager to get started on the edits for my short fiction story in the book One Night in Salem. I am also trying to finish edits on my paranormal novel. I will be busy this fall.

My garden is so beautiful. The nasturtiums are finally blooming in fiery orange colors. My bellflower and tiger lilies are in full bloom. I’m growing a hot pepper. But my popcorn and cucumber are growing slowly. My tomatoes are growing even slower. I am getting concerned because it is now harvest season. Lughnasadh is around the corner!!

I shall consult my book that tells how to pollinate plants indoors if I need to grow tomatoes indoors. I can’t wait to be eating my own popcorn. I still have all of August and September. I bought a new basil plant which I will grow indoors. The bugs ate the whole basiil plant I put in the garden, even with diatomaceous earth sprinkled at its base. So that is staying where I can tend it and keep it away from voracious slugs. 

I can’t wait for autumn. The spiders have woven their webs around my yard and garden. Soon the leaves will turn to autumnal shades. Pumpkins will fill the stores. I love autumn and look forward to all the magic it offers. 



Lady Spiderwitch

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City of the Dead- Mount Olivet Cemetery

Paranormal& Witchy Fiction

Merry meet all,

I live near the Mount Olivet cemetery with its own claim to fame. It is where the Titanic victims were buried. I often visit there, I stroll near the graves down a path littered with tree roots, dead leaves and rotted apples. Apple trees grow on the other side of the stone wall. Though the trees appear to grow in and out of the cemetery.

A brook runs on the other side of the cemetery. The brook gurgles. I like to think of it as a vessel for spirits to travel to the Underworld. 

Trees line the outer edges of the cemetery. A crow nest rests in one of the trees. The cemetery is somewhat kept up in good condition. Crows perch on tombstones, ruffling their ebony feathers. They must sense and guide more spirits than we sense. Crows have long held the reputation of guiding spirits…

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