We all come from different paths, cultures, backgrounds, walks of life, etc. That is what makes us unique and special. We may speak in different tongues yet I believe our hearts all beat as one. We may all have very different ideas of religion and spirituality.

I grew up near a Buddhist colony in Pleasant Bay, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. It is called Gampo Abbey. It was not my first exposure to religion and spirituality, but it left a huge impression on me. I had attended Sunday school as a child. Now, I am a follower of Wicca and find that resonates with me the most deeply.

We all have our own god/ goddess/ deity we revere or honor. It is crucial to remember that at even the most difficult times, we have to respect each other’s differences. That is where we grow and where we are the strongest. Some people like Buddha, some like Christianity. Whatever works for you. As long as people can be courteous of the deity we honor in our own way, then peace is established. I speak from recent experience.



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