Full Moon

Merry Meet All,

Soon the Full Moon will be upon us. It is a special full moon, glowing luminously over the waters of the oceans affected by the moon’s ceaseless pull. Nature is in the time between the arrival of the first early harvest of what gardeners and farmers have worked hard for and the last lingering strands of summer. It is known as Blessing Moon to the Dakota Sioux.

I have dried some Wormwood, or Silver Mound Artemisia, from my garden to dry in the time for my Full Moon Ritual. I will use it as incense to burn in my magickal cauldron. I hope you all find a special way to celebrate the Full Moon and honor your first harvest of grains or flowers or herbs from your gardens.

Lammas is a week away. The Wheel of the Year turns again, bringing us to Lammas, the first of the harvest seasons. Following Lammas, is Mabon then Samhain. It is hard to believe that Samhain is 100 days away. I feel the first stirrings of autumn upon us. I see the spiders weaving their webs, plants getting settled or newly blooming, and the times of the sunsets changing.

Blessed Be to all
Enjoy the Full Moon


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