Shadow’s Lair

Merry Meet All,

As some of you may be aware, I have adopted the sweetest most lovable kitty ever. This blog post is dedicated to her.

I named this post Shadow’s Lair (because it sounds cool) and because my home is her home. She has- and this is no criticism, taken over. Pets do that. She is a wonderful, sensitive and highly intelligent kitty. She loves cat television- looking out the window at all that goes on. She gets excited when she sees another kitty.

Shadow is named Shadow because the name truly suits her. She is like a shadow-dark and light and quiet. I adopted her from a couple who had another name for her. I know Shadow suits her. I can see her one second sitting somewhere then the next she is gone. She is so fast at crossing a room or leaving a room. Hence, her new name is Shadow. She does not seem to mind.

Shadow also has a new type of better quality litter. I like using Litter Queen-it absorbs odor and is easier to clean and is locally made.

It was so sweet when she fell asleep holding my hand between her paws. I couldn’t bear to move my hand. She woke up then clutched my hand again, more securely in her paws, peacefully dozing. She has calmed down since I first adopted her. She licks my hand and likes to be petted. She curls up against me when I sleep at night. She sharpens her claws on everything but the scratching post I bought for her. No matter what, she won’t use the scratching post.

I love her and think she is so adorable. She lets me rub her stomach. I love her so much. I’ve never seen such a cute and adorable kitty.

Blessed be,
Lady Spiderwitch


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