Natural Disasters May be on the Rise

Merry Meet All,

I was reading the MetroNews paper and I came across a question. Are natural disasters on the rise?

Here is my response.

I do think that natural disasters are rising. The natural disasters are rising because of environmental change such as global warming and industrial pollution. The pollution causes damage to the environment, which manifests as the natural disasters.

Natural disasters may be rising because of overpopulation, global pollution, and greedy consumption of the earth’s natural resources that are finite, as well as many other factors. We have one earth and a problem of overpopulation and corruption and wasting the earth’s resources. OIl is finite yet we have developed so many cars and are raising the oil prices as the amount of oil becomes more and more scarce. We need to find alternate ways to use the earth’s natural resources. We all need to learn our lessons and wake up to the fact that one day we won’t have Internet, light bulbs, coffee and hot showers due to squandering and greedily consuming the earth’s finite natural resources. Getting what we want always comes with a price.

I am a Celtic kitchen witch and believe in the earth mother, or Goddess. I think that the reason that the natural disasters may be occurring because the Goddess is angry over how the planet is being treated. I am not suggesting that innocent people deserve to suffer. I acknowledge that Japan, for example, is an area where earthquakes naturally occur. However, we do have to respect Mother Earth and realize greed, consumption of natural resources, overpopulation and pollution is driving us straight to our doom. If the human race dies off, the earth will go back into balance. It is starting but it is true.

This is my response to why I believe natural disasters are rising.

Lady Spiderwitch


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