Winds of Change

Merry Meet All,

Spring is fast arriving. The snow has clawed back to reveal the ochre colored grass underneath and the chickadees search for seeds. Crocuses are blooming everywhere. Beltane will be here before we know it.

Mercury goes retrograde on March 30th till April 25th. View the retrograde as a time for new beginnings and healing, which is one way to view spring. Release the energies left over from winter. I have done a spring cleaning like donating extra unwanted items to Value Village, deep cleaning my apartment (finally cleaned my fridge), donating items to animal shelters and the usual recycling and cleaning. I have a lot more space in my apartment.

April regales spring with All Fools’ Day on the first of the month. New Moon occurs on April 3. The Celtic Tree Month of Willow begins on April 15th. The Full Moon, Wind Moon, lands on April 17th. Good Friday is on April 22 and Earth Day is also on the same day. Easter is on April 24th and Beltane is celebrated on May 1. So mark your calendars because April is a busy month.

I am proud to announce I am to be published in the Open Heart Forgery Year One Anthology, which is to be launched April 2, 2011. That is on the same day as Little Mysteries Annual Sale. Again, mark your calendars. The launch will be held at the Seaport Market all day. I am excited to be taking part in it. The monthly release reading will be at Halifax North Library on April 7th at 6:30 pm. The Spring Psychic Fair is coming up at the Halifax Forum all day on April 16th.

These are wonderful ways to welcome spring. April will be a fun month. April is also National Poetry Month.

Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch



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2 responses to “Winds of Change

  1. Thanks for sharing about your cleansing, and congrats on the poetry book!I just posted my spring cleaning article (thanks for the reminder! I've been so busy lately!)

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