Witches and Muggles

Merry Meet All,

J.K. Rowling knew what she was talking about. There are two groups of people today- witches and muggles. The muggles make life more difficult for witches. They can also be unpleasant. Witchery is beginning to seem elite to me, something reserved for a select group only. (More for us, then.)

It bugs me when as was my recent experience, when muggles ask a witch a question about witchery then they never want to talk to you again. That was upsetting and unnecessary. I put my trust in these people then I got ostracized. If I was ‘normal’, would they still talk to me? Probably, but I like to believe that normal is boring. Recently a woman who lived in the U.S was fired for being a witch. The Burning Times have risen from the ashes of those who suffered before. Maybe the Burning Times will never be over. I suspect that will be the case.

I was harassed by people to change my old email address. I had to change my address because my account was hacked into. People did not stop bugging me till I did. They harassed me because the word goddess was in the address. That is a form of religious discrimination.

It is a shame that they choose to curtain themselves in ignorance and remain uneducated about witchery and witches. I respect peoples’ decisions but it hurts me too. Let us all be strong and keep an open mind about others and all our world religions. When we can be accepting, we will be stronger together.

Let all witches hold their heads high with pride and courage. We have never done wrong but have had suffering inflicted upon us for being what we are. The Goddess has returned and for those who have heard her call, we still have work to do- to honor the Goddess’s call.

Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch


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