September Events

Merry Meet All, September has arrived and with it, the chill in the air. Fall is here and the leaves are slowly turning color. I have deadheaded my Lady’s Mantle and its’ flowers are a gorgeous shade of light gold. Some of my plants are fading and some are late bloomers, like my Hosta and Echinacea, which is regularly visited by bees. Students of all ages are off to school and parents are exhaling a collective sigh of relief after a long hot summer. September is promising to be an active and interesting month. There is a lot to look forward to such as the difference in pace from the dog days of summer. The Word on the Street festival takes place at the Halifax Waterfront and is an event not to be missed. I plan to be there. It is a great chance to mingle and jostle coffees with other fellow writers. The Writers Federation also hosts an annual gala the night before the Word on the Street festival and the gala takes place at Pier 21 at 7pm. My old neighborhood hosts the annual street party and I look forward to a day of free food, and a chance to catch up on the news with old friends. Halifax Seed will carry bulbs to plant this fall and I hope to get to check that out too. From a magickal perspective, if the above events aren’t exciting enough, September 12 is the Full Moon. This is the Harvest Moon. Look at what you have nurtured all year and take note of what you reaped. It is a good time to also harvest herbs, flowers, roots or seeds from your garden and get to work on your tinctures or other witchy decoctions. Oh my! Remember to leave some for the faeries, birds and insects! September 23rd is Mabon, the second harvest festival or Sabbat, the Fall Equinox. I love Mabon for its magickal energy. The leaves on trees start to turn color at this time of year. On September 30, the Celtic Tree Month of Ivy begins. Blessed Be, Lady Spiderwitch )0(


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