Samhain is almost here

Merry Meet All,

I apologize for the late posting. I know you are anxiously awaiting Samhain, as am I. I do not have much decorating to do. That is because, truth be told, my apartment looks like Halloween all year. Ha ha ha. I have my witch dolls, and everything else set up in full view all year.

Tomorrow I plan to make more pumpkin soup and maybe some pumpkin bread. I have been busy with the shower wall repairs, and have completed writing the plot for a new novel I am working on that has really inspired me. I’ve been on long walks on the trail where I can enjoy the last lingering notes of summer mesh with the striking colors of fall. Trees are painted in hues of gold, red and other fiery colors.

I hope you are all finding ways to prepare for Samhain. A friend of mine mentioned a dumb supper. I look forward to performing it and I can think of one or two people I would like to honor this Samhain. The first that comes to mind is my dear grandfather. Samhain is usually on October 31. However, the planets may have the final say this year. Samhain begins when the sun reaches 15% Scorpio on November 7. That is a cross quarter day. The moon will be in Aries. moon will be in Capricorn on Monday, October 31. We have plenty of time to prepare and to look forward to till then!

I have had my kitty for a year now. She is a Samhain kitty though her birthday is in January. I adopted her at Samhain. She is a wonderful animal familiar.

So get out your cauldrons, pumpkins to carve and seeds to roast. I wish you all a wonderful Samhain this year! Remember to honor your ancestors and to have lots of fun.

Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch


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