Spring is here!!

Merry Meet All,

Last night I was delighted to discover a small white bud where I planted my crocuses and snowdrops last fall. It is a sure sign of spring/ Ostara and is what I am going to talk about today. Vernal equinox begins on March 20th, which is tomorrow, in the Northern Hemisphere.

Ostara is the second spring festival. The hours of day and night are equal. An important symbol of Ostara is eggs. Eggs represent fertility and abundance so you can plant seeds as symbols of what you want to grow and reap for the coming year. The Goddess awakens from her deep slumber. The Crone changes to the Maiden. The God arises to stir forth new green life.

Set up an altar in your kitchen to honor Ostara. Listen to the birds’ songs, celebrate the return of the light half of the year and look for new buds and growth. Spring is upon us!! The photos above are of my Ostara altar and the first flower bud of the season in my garden!!

Lady Spiderwitch


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