The Time of Divination

Merry Meet All,

Today we are going to look at divination. Divination is my favorite thing. I am going to post a series of topics on the subject of divination. I hope you enjoy reading them..

What is divination, exactly? It is a way of divining the future, a way of learning what the future holds through tools such as pendulums, crystals, scrying, cauldron gazing which is similar to scrying, and has many approaches. A person can choose to divine for himself or herself or for someone else.

The ancient Celts were the pioneers of divination. There is a book about that called Celtic Visions written by Caitlin Matthews, a real expert on the subject. Caitlin Matthews has written extensively on the ancient Celts.

The methods of divination are numerous and varied. A friend has introduced me to a new way of thinking about divination. It is about looking back to the ancient shamans and seers’ way of divining, and reinterpreting it to practice in our time. It is new to me. I have plenty to learn and read about this fascinating subject, methods our ancestors practiced long ago.

Today we still practice divination, owed in part to the revivals of Wicca/ witchcraft/ paganism and the many different traditions within it. Last night, I performed a reading for a client and I performed a tealeaf reading combined with a three-card spread of the Tarot of Pagan Cats deck. I like the fact that we honor traditions that were done centuries ago. Even in our modern, fast-paced technological, crazed world, we find time for a cup of tea and in person communication. Ipods, Ipads, laptops, wireless networks and Kindles have not stamped out time-honored traditions.

Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch


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