October Magick

Merry Meet All,

October has arrived! I have already dug out my black & orange candles, harvested herbs, bought a pumpkin at the local organic farmers market, dug out my witchy robes, and dressed my altar. I can feel it in the air. The countdown to Samhain and preparations may commence. Who cares if it takes an entire month?

Here is a Halloween decorating tip I learned from Martha Stewart’s website. I can hear you all groaning, but this one is cool. Go outdoors, and find a good sturdy tree branch. Bring it inside and clean it. Remove the dead leaves and debris. Paint the branch black. Download the bat clip art and cut the clip art out on black cardstock. Hang the black bats from the tree branch in a cool corner of your home. Your friends will be impressed. I do intend to try that one this year.

Brace yourselves for a spooky month of more ghost lore, how to hold a Samhain ritual solitary or in a coven, organic Samhain recipes, how to honor your ancestors, house decorations, Samhain poetry, suggestions on how to setup a wicked altar, a big section on mediumship and even a section on how to make a witch costume, change the color of candle flames, and how to decorate a broomstick! I will invite readers as it nears Samhain- the day before or on the most anticipated day of the year to post their own thoughts on Samhain, so take this time to reflect on what you want to say! It will be an exciting month, dust off your cauldrons and empower those broomsticks!


A medium is a connecting link between this physical world and the world of spirit. Anyone can learn to act as that link. Anyone can become a medium. Lady Ann M. Burdock.

I like the above quote by Burdock. I want to tell you though that I also believe that all psychics are mediums, but not all mediums are psychics. Being a medium demands a higher level of vibration and concentration from the medium. There is a difference. Mediums channel spirit and psychics use tools such as tarot, or crystals to share information with querent/s.

I want to begin the topic of mediumship on the right broomstick here. I do not own nor will I ever own an ouija board. I will never have one in my house. I heard of a family that toyed with one of those, and they found maggots in their bedroom- with no meat in sight! They are evil and are a portal for evil to come through in your home. If you want a demon in your space, and that has more than one meaning, then go ahead. I do not advise it. I will have nothing to do with ouija boards. That is all I will say about ouija boards here.

That said, there are other safer methods that mediums use to communicate with the spirit world. The methods are, some of you may be familiar with it, automatic writing, meditation, trance, psychometry, channeling, and scrying. I will go in deeper detail about these methods later but I will discuss each of them here. Remember what Gandalf said? “Be on your guard. There are older and fouler things that lurk in the deep places of the world.” True words.

Channeling is the most popular method. I mentioned my experience with channeling in the previous post. Channeling was performed as far back as the ancient Egyptians and even before that. It is not something evil nor to fear, but again, it should be done with caution and I recommend that a person is calm, grounded and centered when channeling. Contact your spirit guides and set up protective barriers before beginning to channel. I would recommend this before attempting any method of contacting spirits. Another important point about channeling or scrying is learning to trust your first impressions. This takes time, and do not err in thinking that you will learn all of this overnight. Far from it.

I am divided on automatic writing. I am not against it but I do not like it. I can’t stop any of you from trying it but to me, it seems weird. To perform automatic writing, you have to let spirit take over and your hand writes down what the spirit wishes to communicate. You have to release ego and open yourself up to your subconscious. Do not direct your hand. You do not even look at what you are writing. You may look at the writing and realize it just looks like scribbling. Do not be discouraged. The spirit is acquainting itself with your muscles and getting the feel of itself to be able to write. After some time, words will form.

Meditation and trance are closely related. Trance is “an altered state of consciousness.” Trance is achieved with the aid of meditation. I almost always go into a trance when I gaze into a candle flame. I cannot help but go into a trance gazing into candle flames. You can enter a trance by gazing into crystals. You can meet your spirit guides who can help you as you clear your chakras or attempt to communicate with a spirit. Remember to focus on positive energy!

Psychometry is holding an object in your hand and receiving impressions and/ or vibrations from it. Here’s an example, last Yule, I received a gift from a friend. I used psychometry to determine what the present was. Here are my impressions as I received them: the shape of the objects was round and spherical, solid in shape and form, of a large size, heavy, a glass ornament, not a book or perfume, and came from my favorite store Little Mysteries and not an ornament. The objects when I opened the box to my amazement, were two deep blue thick round candleholders from Little Mysteries. The two candleholders are like mugs and decorated with stars and moons. We all have the ability. It is stronger in some degree than others.

Scrying I love scrying. It is so much fun. October is a great time to practice scrying, as the veil between the worlds is thinner at this time of year. Scrying invovles the use of reflective surfaces such as crystal balls, water and essential oils in a cauldron, candles, and other gemstones. Swinging a pendulum is also a form of scrying.

There is lots to look forward to in this month of blog entries. Put your witch hats on and get ready!

Lady Spiderwitch


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