Bat Mobiles

Merry Meet All,

Today I was inspired to make a bat mobile. I am going to show you how you can make one too or more in time for Samhain. They look truly cool. The Bat Mobile above is one of the two I created. It takes time and effort, but is not impossible.

Enthusiasm (of course)
Hole puncher
Dry clean tree branches or branch if you want to make one
Black bristleboard
measuring tape
black thread
black craft paint
bat template
Scotch tape
white paper
pens and markers

Download or print off a bat template on white paper. Try printing out bat templates where the bats are different sizes for variety. Assemble your supplies. Fold the large sheet of black bristleboard in half. Lightly tape the bat template onto the black bristleboard. Carefully cut out the bat, paying attention to the curves and edges. Unfold and set aside. Repeat. Cut out as many bats as you desire this way. I gathered about twenty bats. If the bats tear in half, repair them with the scotch tape. Set the bats aside. You can hole punch them at this stage, if you wish or wait.

Lay down thick newspaper on a flat surface. You can sit on the floor with the newspaper in front of you or at a kitchen table. Pour some black paint into a small clear bowl and get your paintbrush. Using your paintbrush, paint the branch black from one end to the other, making sure to cover any missed spots. Let dry. Craft paint dries fast. It is best to let it dry properly.

Hole punch the black bats. You can try using a sewing pin to prick the bats, but a hole punch makes it easier to string. String the black bats individually with the thread. Pick up your dry now black tree branch. If you are feeling crafty, you could add glitter, a bit of herbs, or make a witch to hang on the Bat mobile. It is what I did.

Decide where you wish to hang your Bat mobile. Hang it somewhere where you will not be knocking it down all the time. Mark with a pencil or marker exactly where you want to hang it. Hammer in the hooks. You will need two. It is best to make sure in the beginning that your branch is 16-22 inches long. That is a reasonable size. Hang the black bats from the Bat mobile. I cut out twenty bats and the project took a while, but it was worth it. It was so much effort and I like them so much I will leave them up all year.

Look at the above photo for inspiration! Hope you enjoy making this crafty bat mobile.


Be patient making the Bat Mobile and it will turn out cool!
Black bristleboard is cheaper than black cardstock
Keep it away from pets and children
Clean your work area when you are finished.
Hang it in a safe spot.
Cut very carefully and the bats will fly like real bats
Hang it near a window so the bats move- near a ceiling too is best- think of how real bats move in the air.
Touch up the branch with the black paint before stringing bats on
Wash hands to wash off black paint.
Make sure the hooks you put in the wall will support the Bat mobile.


Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch


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