Preparing your garden for Fall

Merry Meet All,

With the autumn season, comes the chore of caring for your gardens. Taking the time now to prepare your garden means a healthier garden next spring. The chilly frost of autumn arrives sooner than you think.

Clear your garden of debris, weeds, and old stems. Use fallen branches as mulch. This prevents insects from nesting there and causing problems in the spring.

Bring some plants inside or take cuttings from the plants. Harvest your herbs, flowers, and vegetables. Tropical plants will thrive indoors. Check your soil ph and spread compost all over your garden.

Plant spring bulbs, trees, shrubs, perennials, and winter annuals such as icicle pansies. Mums are everywhere at this time of year. They add color and variety.

Mark what worked successfully in your garden this year. Keep a gardening diary. You will be able to plan a better garden next year. Take care of your gardening tools. Check your gardening hose. Consider spraying a selective herbicide on your garden to control weeds in the spring. Selective only controls some plants. Non selective herbicides kill all green life.

Be careful not to disturb tender new growth on your plants. Remove dead leaves from shrubs. Feed the birds to encourage them to eat the insects. Water trees and shrubs well to prepare them for winter.

Follow these tips and you will have a beautiful, year-round garden.

Lady Spiderwitch



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2 responses to “Preparing your garden for Fall

  1. Although Autumn is indeed my favorite season of the year, the only thing I dislike that interrupts me and my garden are my oaks dropping their leaves!! It would be such a less strenuous season if not for the leaves…-Tony Salmeron

  2. Leaves are great compost!! Just leave them. I rake them up in the spring. A pile of leaves on your garden feeds nutrients to the soil and keeps insects from nesting. Thanks for commenting

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