The Goddess Brigid

Merry Meet All,

Brigid is a triple goddess. She is the goddess of sovereignty. She is the goddess of Fire, poetry, smithcraft and healing. Often goddesses were given many attributes, not only one. The Welsh word for king, ‘brenin,’ was thought to mean ‘consort of Brigantia. Bruide was the Pictish word for royal throne name. The Bruide name was allotted to each Pagan Pictish King who was perceived as the male manifestation of the Spirit of the Goddess. But the Welsh and Pictish names for the kinds proves that there was widespread favor and honor of the Goddess Brigid.

Brigid is also connected to divination. Since she is a goddess of fire and smithcraft, magick involving candles and fire would be appropriate for Imbolc. Pyromancy is a form of divination that you can practice. Set a candle on your altar and make yourself comfortable. Meditate to be open to receiving any messages. Pray to your deities/ animal totems/ or spiritual guide to guard you as you meditate. Visualize a sacred circle cast around you to discourage any unwanted energies.

Think of any questions you may have and gaze into the candle flames. Phrase the question short and to the point. Try asking something that would require a yes or no answer. Note if you see any dancing flames. Listen to the logs snap.

When you have received an answer to your questions, thank the fire deity and your spirit guides for their presence. Note the answers in your journal or Book of Shadows. The answers may not come into clear form. Trust your initial impressions. Release the circle of protection, and return your awareness to the room you’re in.

You could write down a wish on a sheet of paper and cast the paper into the flames. If it burns fast, it will come to you fast. If it sparks and takes a longer time to burn, you have longer to wait for the wish to manifest itself. Tune into your feelings.

Tomorrow I will post about a cleansing and purification ritual for Imbolc.
Tend the hearth!!

Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch


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