Snow and Les Miserables

Merry Meet All,

Halifax, the city I live in, has been buried under 30 cm of snow. That is a lot of snow. The sky is a grayish white and of course, everything is submerged in snow. I dared a trip to the corner store and to do that, I had to fight my through waist deep snow last night. I also had to brave a steep hill that leads to the corner store. I managed fine. I am quite agile and nimble like a cat. The wind is still howling.

Prior to this snowstorm, I had the pleasure of being treated to see Les Miserables. I posted the trailer for you to view. I have not read the book … yet but I plan to. I believe the movie did justice to the book. I was blown away by the talented actors, especially Anne Hathaway. Enjoy the trailer and see it while it is in theatres.

I hope you all stay warm and safe this winter
Blessed Be
Lady Spiderwitch


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