Mabon Crafts

autumn scene

Merry meet all,

Yesterday I was out on a walk on the nature trail behind my apartment. I selected a few colourful leaves and brought them home. I also brought home a fallen branch about 16 inches long. I cleaned the leaves and the branch. I chopped up paraffin wax and added it to a double boiler. I let the wax melt and added the leaves, one at a time. I removed the leaves once the leaves were coated in wax. I let them dry on wax paper. The leaves will look glossy and last a long time. I kept the leaves in the wax paper and put them in my Book  of Shadows. 

I put the branch aside and let it dry. I plan to make a bat mobile with the branch. I plan to paint the branch black with craft paint and cut out bats using a template from black bristle board and hole punch each bat. Then I will string the bats onto the branch. It is a lot of work but it is fun to do. I leave my black bat mobile hanging up all year. The bat mobile is a gift for some friends who I am going to visit for Samhain. 

I hope you are inspired by these two crafts and try them at home. Have a wonderful Mabon/ Samhain!!

And for all you horror fans out there, check out this trailer for the upcoming move Carrie. I plan to catch this flick!!

Please still send in your short horror flash fiction stories!! I can’t afford to pay you but I am trying to come up with some prizes!!

Blessed Be,

Lady Spiderwitch 


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