Samhain draws near + Magickal Cauldrons

celtic forest resin cauldron

Merry meet all,

I imagine you’re all getting more excited, now that the most magical night of the year is almost here. Your candles are all a-glowin’, jack o’lanterns carved, costumes picked, and you’re watching the clock. I am referring to October 31st!! But you knew that. 

I can’t wait. I’m sure the tension is killing you too.  I watched Sleepy Hollow toight starring the dreamy Johnny Depp as Ichabod Crane. The moon is glowing in the night sky above my apartment. But with all the merry making, Samhain can be a solemn time. The ancient Celts honoured their ancestors and those who passed on before them. Samhain is when we too, honour those who passed and our ancestors. If you want to learn how to do that, a great book I recommend to read is Halloween by Silver Ravenwolf. She lavishes great detail on how to lead rituals, perform a dumb supper, and carve pumpkins for spell. I don’t know why the book is called Halloween instead of Samhain, which seems more proper to me, but there you have it. I also read a great book about the history of Samhain titled The Pagan Mysteries of Samhain written by Jean Markale. The book is great and if you are looking for something that goes into satisfying and heavy detail, this book is for you. 

A tip for cauldrons: I love the heavy black potbellied cauldrons. I love burning Celtic Forest resin incense in my cauldron. My Mother gave me a jar of sea salt and true to my witchy self, I used the salt for my cauldron, not cooking. Lol. I put salt in the cauldron, and added a charcoal disc, and discovered that the best way to extinguish or cool the ashes is to put a lid on the cauldron. The cauldron and charcoal cools. I thought I had to drench the disc in water. I like putting a lid on the cauldron now. I save the disc that way. Mmm I can smell Celtic Forest resin incense. I am not so fond of putting the resins exactly on the charcoal tablet. It smokes cool and smells beautiful. But the charcoal tablets can get hot. Otherwise, they spill off the tablet. A young lady asked me what charcoal tablets are for at Little Mysteries. I was proud to be able to answer her questions. (I don’t hog witchy knowledge.) 

Cauldrons are symbolic of the Goddess. The cauldron represents the womb, the power of rebirth, the element of Water-and Fire. Tonight the cauldron represents Fire because I burned resin in it. I burned the resin on a charcoal tablet lying in salt. Salt to me, represents the life-giving forces of water, of the oceans, and Earth. The smoke that billows from the cauldron is Air. The elements are included. The smoke burns upward to Spirit. The five elements are involved when the cauldron is in use. 

I always associated cauldrons with witchcraft and witches. They speak of a world lost in the mists of time. The ancients used cauldrons in the hearth to warm their homes and to gather round. They used cauldrons for cooking. If you want to invoke the Water element and perform a scrying with your cauldron, try using water and droplets of olive oil. How many olive oil drops you see on the surface of the water in the cauldron can tell you the answer to your questions. 

On Samhain eve, I plan to haul my large, I mean large, cauldron outdoors into my back garden and fire her up. I don’t care what the neighbours think. I suspect they figured it out. I would like it that my cauldron could get some outdoor Samhain energy. I will fire her up and do a small ritual. I am fortunate to have a backyard garden. I am attending the annual Samhain Ritual on the Commons. It’s held there every year. And every year, some Dursley worthy muggle sics the Fire Department on us. But we are never deterred. 

I hope you are all busy having fun preparing for Samhain and saying farewell to Mabon. Mabon is magical too. I shall keep you posted about Samhain related bewitching fun. I am bewitched tonight. It must be the moon shining over my home. 

The web address for Little Mysteries, my favourite local metaphysical shop ever, is – I love the staff and of course, all the unique ‘provisions’ they carry. 

Blessed be,
Lady Spiderwitch )O( Many Sabbat Blessings



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