Samhain Ritual

Mabon altar 2

Merry meet all,

Samhain is days away!! I bet  you’re excited. I am. Samhain is magical and bewitching. 

Samhain means “summer’s end”. It is an ancient Celtic festival and celebration. The word Samhain originates as ‘Samhuin’. The earth recedes and the greenery dies back. The cold dark half of the year rules now. They brought in their cattle and sheep. They celebrated and honoured the dead. 

To perform your own ritual or rituals if you prefer, to honour the dead, try this. Decorate your altar with a black velvet altar cloth and black and orange candles. You will need a few sprigs of rosemary and black, orange and red ribbons. If you can, perform the ritual outdoors. 

Say aloud:

Samhain is here, we are in a time of transition. The winter approaches and summer wanes. This is the time of the Dark Mother, a time of death and rebirth. 

Place the rosemary on the altar in an offering bowl. Say:

Rosemary is to remember our dead, who have passed through the veil. We will remember. 

Light the black candle and say:

The Wheel of the Year spins once more, as we cycle into darkness.

Next, light the white candle and say:

The darkness shifts into the light. We will celebrate its return once more. 

Hold out your ribbons- one white, one black, and one red and say:

White for light, black for death, red for rebirth. We bind the ribbons together as we bind life. 

Now bind the ribbons together. As you weave, focus on the good memories of those who you loved and lost in your life. Chant while you bind the ribbons.  Leave the bound ribbons on your altar. 

Don’t get too sad if you have family members who passed away. I always remember my grandfather but I know that it can be a hard time for some. Seek out your friends and have fun this Samhain. 

Blessed be,

Lady Spiderwitch )O(



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