Dreary November


Merry meet all,

I know that post Samhain, you may not feel like doing much of anything now that the excitement of Samhain has passed. November is not the same, nor is December or January. The realty hits you that the dreary days of winter have arrived. The air is colder, and you have to dig out your winter gear. 

November is the tail end of October. You can still stomp on crunchy leaves underfoot and appreciate the beauty of the bare dark trees against the sunlight. The next turn in the Wheel of the Year is Yule. 

So don’t be glum. Yule is a fun Sabbat. Some of you have put your Halloween gear away for next year- unless you’re like me, and it looks like Halloween all year round in your apartment. You can still practice divinations and do your magick. Well you can do that any time of the year, but the energy is strongest at Samhain. 

Clean your garden and yard. Store your garden decorations, let the fallen leaves shelter your plants all winter, and save seeds from the flowers in your garden. Bring your herbs in and pot them up to grow on your windowsill. Plan for next spring’s garden. 

Whatever you decide to do, you have a long winter ahead of you. Now is the time to tackle those witchy projects  you planned to do all along. Maybe you want to improve your Book of Shadows, learn Celtic embroidery or try a new incense recipe. During the long cold winter, it’s the time to turn inward and rest. 

Blessings for a magickal Sabbat. 


Lady Spiderwitch )O(




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  2. Cool!! Thanks for sharing

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