spooky trees

Merry meet all,

November is a time of introspection. It’s when the nights turn dark earlier and turn colder. The trees are bare and a few golden leaves shiver in the harsh wind. We stay indoors to shut out the cold. The ancient Celts herded their livestock into the stables, slaughtered some of their livestock for food, and stored their grains and harvests for a supply during the merciless cold winters. 

Today the moon enters Cancer. The corresponding colour is white. 

Last night, I picked up a real treasure from Chapters bookstore. I was so surprised. I bought The Wisdom of Trees oracle deck. It contains 40 oracle deck cards for wisdom and guidance and a book. One side of the card has some beautiful tree designs in gold and the other side of the card is a design of a leaf or a tree. The card shows the type of tree or leaf. The card tells of the type of tree. The word Ash, for example, is written at the bottom of the card. This allows for easy identification for the querent. Jane Struthers created the deck. 

Ash- The keyword is Mastery. The Ash Deva message is “My wood has many uses because it is strong, yet flexible. For centuries, humans have associated me with magical powers to To repel evil and to heal children. I exude a sugary sap, so I can help to make your life sweeter.”

The ash tree appears in many mythologies, including those of Greece, Ireland and Wales. The Norse myths tell of Odin who created the first man from the trunk of an ash tree. The ash tree is native to Europe and southeastern Asia. The tree bears fruit and and flowers. 

The ash card is one of the many cards in the deck and they all contain amazing magical messages that can help us in our lives. Tree wisdom is available for those who have the humility and patience to learn from it. 

Blessed Be,

Lady Spiderwitch )O(


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