Seeds of New Life


Merry meet all,

Have you received your seed catalogs in the mail yet? I have- three. There is that magickal number. I have pored over them, and planned my garden soon to come. When spring arrives, I will be ready. 

I have satisfied my itch for growing plants indoors. I have cleaned a few pots and added soil and seeds. I have lots of seeds. I am growing  calendula, a lovage plant, a white sage plant, carrot, radish, and two tomato plants. 

The photo above is my indoor garden. The pots stand on a wooden board on top of my guinea pig cage. The plants get lots of light. The light will return once Ostara rolls around. As soon as I can, I am planting the seedlings outdoors. I can’t wait. This is a great way to get a head start on plants. 

You can start now by cleaning up and checking your plant pot supply. I always clean up and store my garden knick knacks and plant pots in fall. By the time spring returns, they are ready to go. I had some organic soil left over and I used that. I am also starting a ginger plant. I put some ginger in a 12″ pot that is about 10 inches wide. I placed the ginger in the pot with the buds facing up. I hope that works. Ginger plants are beautiful. 

If you have no pots, try egg cartons, milk containers- cut in half- a great way to grow seeds, and yogurt containers. Just remember to create some kind of drainage and place in a sunny window. I love nothing more than to see a sprout emerge from a seed. Water and fertilize regularly. Good luck!


Blessed Be,

Lady Spiderwitch )O(



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