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Merry meet all,

Here is a pic of my skirt so far. I promise to update you with more photos.  for the last few months I have slaved over a gypsy skirt pattern. Oy. It is my first time making a gypsy skirt. It was anything but easy and yet I persevered. 

The gypsy skirt has a yoke and four tires. Since I am so tall, and have long legs, I am adding a fifth tier. It was a nerve wracking business making the skirt when I had no idea what I was doing. Only now I do. The errors were expensive in that since I have to gather so much material for every tier, I ended up removing puckers and fixing holes with my fearless seam ripper. 

Sewing the yoke was easy. Sewing the tiers was hard. You need to sew four tiers depending on your height. The pattern pieces say to cut a certain number of each tier pattern piece. For the fourth tier, for example, I had to cut out six pieces, do a basting stitch, gather the material together, and stitch it to the skirt. That should be easy, right? Sure until you see the skirt as a whole and all the puckers. I have repaired the skirt. I am adding a rich dark brown lace trim to the tier edges. The yoke is dark brown rich velvet and the rest of the fabric is a pink print with brown, red and yellow flowers all over it. The material is georgette. 

One tip: To have your skirt hang nicely, remove the basting stitches. A seam ripper is your best friend. I also readjusted the waistband and it fits better and  made a huge difference in the appearance of the skirt. I am sure it will look beautiful. I have to sew the sash, corset (without boning), and shawl. I plan to sew the shawl in dark rich brown velvet too. I will look like a fortune teller but that’s sort of the idea. I am also going to sew the overdress. I can’t wait. I know sewing the rest of the pattern will be easier than the skirt. Now that I know how to make the skirt. I plan to make another one in purple. Below is the pattern I am using. I love to wear feminine clothing. It has always  been my style. 

Blessed Be,

Lady Spiderwitch )O(



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