Winter Blues


Merry meet all,

I dream of gardening. Beautiful flowers crowning my garden. Every time I look outside, I am depressed by the sight of snow. This is the hard stretch. February to March make winter seem like it will last forever. 

Mercury is in Retrograde till the 28th. So hang in there. It is eight more days. Today the moon is in moody dark Scorpio. Today is Thor’s Day. I like to pretend or deny Mercury is in Retrograde. It’s easier that way. 

I always get a burst of creativity in February.  Brigid is the matron deity of poets and smiths. It comes as no surprise that I would be feeling extremely creative. This month, I have made an entire gypsy skirt, wood burned a Celtic design on a wooden box, and started veggies and plants indoors. I also pored over seed catalogs. I am probably not the only one.  

Take heart. Spring is around the corner. The Wheel of the Year will spin again. Remember to honor the Goddess Brigid. 

Blessed Be,

Lady Spiderwitch )O(



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