Ides of March

Spring  crocus

Merry meet all,

Sorry I haven’t posted much here. I have been so busy sewing my gypsy outfit I have had little time for everything else. My hard work is paying off. The sun shines hard today, a good sign that the light is returning. 

It’s March 1st!! Mercury has gone direct and now we can look forward to Ostara! I can’t wait for spring. I an a gardener. 

Today the moon is in Pisces. Mars is direct and so is Vesta. The moon enters the New Moon phase. Since spring is around the corner, view this as  a time for new beginnings, dreams, goals, and aspirations. This is the time to do magic to draw things toward you. Start planning your garden and reading the seed catalogues for inspiration. 

Good luck!

Blessed Be,

Lady Spiderwitch


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