Ostara Crafts )O(

Ostara Eggs

Merry meet all,

Tomorrow if all goes well, I am hosting my first ever Ostara Crafting afternoon. Pagan-friendly people will come over for a fun afternoon of making crafts for Ostara. I can’t wait and I am already busy making preparations. 

I have selected the altar cloth material, items to go on the altar, the brown paper bags, and what dyes to use to dye the eggs. I will post more about the event here later. 

For those who are inspired to dye their own eggs, go to this link to learn more:


Ostara is not far away! Excited? Daylight Savings Time starts this weekend. Remember to set your clocks. Welcome the return of the light half of the year.  

Blessed Be,

Lady Spiderwitch )O(


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  1. Ostara Crafts )O( | Broomsticks & Cauldrons: A magickal journey to the Goddess
    drfsmcxrqh http://www.g82y5p9hu714k61ir0k53749sungh5ies.org/

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