Ostara- spring clean your garden )O(


Merry meet all,

Ostara is only a week or so away. Are you all preparing for the Spring Equinox? I will star soon myself. I see snow on the ground but it won’t be long before buds blossom and robins return to herald spring.  Here are tips on how to clean up your garden for spring. 

Spring Clean up of your Garden 

The task of cleaning your garden in spring is exciting. I love to rake leaves back exposing earthy soil and see tender buds emerge after a long winter sleep.  This article will show you how you can spring clean your garden.

A spring clean up of your garden has many benefits. A garden needs year-round care, depending on where you live. This is intended for a perennial garden.

Grab a large green compost bin and place it near where you will be cleaning.  Wear a good warm coat or sweater, a good pair of clean gloves, and get to work. Gather the gardening tools you need. Did you miss them? Isn’t it great to need gardening tools again after suffering a harsh winter? Oil and sharpen your tools so they perform their best. You can take gardening tools to a home improvement or garden center to be sharpened. Okay let’s go outdoors!!

Light a stick of incense and push the unlit end into the soil. Enjoy the fragrant incense as you work. Drink some tea while you work too. Consider playing some nature themed music or drumming music as you toil. Don your gloves and grab the rake. The first task is to rake away the leaves. Leaves offer a ton of nutrients to the soil. Now it is time to clear them away. Your plants are blanketed all fall and winter by the nutrient rich leaves. Put all the leaves in the compost bin. Keep some leaves for mulch. But raking up thatch removes the chance of your healthy plants being infected.

Remove the dead debris from your garden.  Treat your lawn and check to see if it needs to be mowed.  Fertilize the fresh grass and if you added seeds, fertilize the newly seeded grass too. This encourages root growth.

Prune the perennials. The plants are bursting with fresh energy. Now is the best time to prune them. Clip late summer and fall blooming shrubs. You may trim off developing buds by accident. Prune and trim with care.

Check for plants that didn’t survive the winter and need to be replaced. Sometimes this is easier when you can see the perennials in bloom. Trim shrubs, which allows for air circulation and light. Be careful of pruning roses, certain shrubs and trees.

Making an edging in your garden is easier to do when spring soil is moist and new. Mulch after you create an edging for your garden. Now is the time to top dress your garden with manure and compost. The snow drains away the nutrients your soil needs. Replenish your garden with potassium, nitrogen, and calcium. I tried natural shrimp compost on my garden last summer. I was stunned by the difference. In addition, the earthworms aerate and loosen new soil. Insects do the unseen work in our gardens and make our gardens beautiful. They are the unseen and unsung heroes. I leave compost on my garden and work it into the soil, and welcome the earthworms’ tireless and enthusiastic cooperation.

When the frost is over, you may remove burlap and other protective coverings. The plants are eager to soak up the sun’s rays. In the spring, the sun changes direction to shine on our gardens.

Spring is a great time to divide perennial roots because the soil is moist; few leaves to harm, and root systems are full of energy. The plants have a whole growing season to recover.   

You can fertilize evergreens in early spring with a nitrogen rich fertilizer.

 Woody Perennials

Wait until after the frost is gone to prune woody perennials. Perennials blossom on new fresh wood.

 Herbaceous Perennials

Herbaceous perennials need to be pruned in spring. But let the leaves grow in before pruning. The leaves and stems guard the base of the plant and protect with cold tolerance. Some plants such as Rudbeckia and Coneflower provide winter food for small birds.

Some perennials don’t emerge until later in the spring or early summer. Be patient and let plants grow in before you rush to buy plants only to find there is less room than you thought. Leave the old stems until new growth appears or you may forget where a plant is. Roots need room to grow.

 Other helpful tips for spring cleaning

In late spring, when you know where your perennial and annual plants are, it is a good time to harden off your plants that you grew indoors.

Start a fresh compost pile in spring.

 Now stand back and savor the blossoming sight of your garden. You worked hard to clean it to prepare it for the growing season. Be sure to avoid harmful and harsh chemicals and pesticides on your lawn and garden. The beneficial insects die from the harsh chemicals. The pest insects only develop immunity to the chemicals. Be kind to Mother Earth. Take a moment to reflect on the wondrous changes of the season and look for any signs or fresh growth from your plants. The insects emerge from hibernation to work on your garden while you work or sleep. Don’t dump a bad pesticide on them. Without them, there would be no gardens. They are truly unsung heroes. If you have a garden, they can’t help but be attracted. 



Blessed be,

Lady Spiderwitch )O(


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