Seeds for Spring


Merry meet all,

Have you all drooled over seed catalogues and been planning your gardens? Sorry I haven’t posted recently. I have been busy with life. It likes to nudge its way in. I am enrolled in a 10-week work program at Options that is taking up my time. I have to be there every day and while I am not enthused about the horrible location, the people there, or the repetitive crap I have to do, I am being paid to be there-and I need the money. 

Yes, I am surrounded by muggles. It is hard and so I just try to learn as much as I can and ignore them. Some of them are friends. Ugh. Enough about that. The weather here is rainy and overcast. That won’t deter me from visiting Annapolis Seeds at the local Seaport Market this coming weekend. Yup I am stocking up on seeds. I can’t wait to buy black plastic seed trays and organic soil and seeds!1 Oh the anticipation is murder! I can’t wait. I am so eager to start planting it is torture. But soon, very soon, I shall be elbow deep in soil and seed trays. I have a large tomato plant started from seed, a radish, carrot and leek plant started already and a celery. The leek and celery I began from the ends of the vegetables and let them grow in bowls of water. 

I have been inspired by my friends who also share my passion for organic gardening and organic seeds. I plan to buy a huge pot and grow corn in it. I don’t have a lot of room here, so growing corn this way is a necessity, not an option. The veggies I grew last year grew in containers, except for tomatoes. But the tomato plant I started this spring started from seed in a deep pot. That way, I never needed to transplant the seedling. I should plant another tomato seed actually. I think I will wait till I have the seeds and seed trays. 

The seeds I want to buy are: tomatoes, of course, peas, beans, greens, lettuce, soybeans, adzuki beans, squash, corn, tall sunflowers. The herbs I want to grow are intended to attract bees and other insects. We have to help them as much as we can. Chamomile, mugwort, milk thistle, feverfew, more calendula, and twelve-foot tall mammoth russian sunflowers. I have to try it. That is a fair amount of seeds that last over a year. If the warm season ever gets here, then it will be time to harden them off and transplant them outside. March is going out like a lion tonight. 

I wish you good luck and a Goddess Blessing for you all to explore and find local organic heirloom seed companies. I urge you to buy your seeds from them. We all have to produce and protect our food now that we can’t trust the giant corporations to keep food safe. 

Spring Blessings!

Blessed Be,

Lady Spiderwitch )O(


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