Trip to Cliffwaters- Post #4



Merry meet all,

Today was eventful. I went for dinner with my family. Our neighbours joined us for dinner. The dinner was awesome. My niece and nephew were delighted that my pet  guinea pig Magic was over for a visit. My pet was terrified but they loved him.

Mom and I freed the salamander tonight from his imprisonment in the basement. I am sure he is happier being in his element. He was lost. While I was over for dinner, I saw deer and a rabbit. The deer and rabbit took cover as fast as they could. But I do have photos of the chickens. I got to pet them and collect an egg. I wish I could raise chickens. It is far better than buying eggs at the store and not knowing what you’re getting. Here is a picture of the coop:


The chickens are cute. 


 I have had quite a trip. This morning, I helped collect more firewood. When I return to the city, I will be so bored. I won’t have to work to survive. That is the beauty of the country. It is harder work to live there than people think. In the city, it is at your fingertips. You take the modern conveniences for granted. I won’t know what to do with myself. I plan to return soon to Paradise. 

Blessed Be,

Lady Spiderwitch )O(


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One response to “Trip to Cliffwaters- Post #4

  1. The Lisa Beast

    I think you stumbled on Bambi and Thumper! I love chickens too, we get our eggs fresh from a local farm! But you won’t be bored for at least one day because this country girl from the city is coming to see YOU! 🙂

    Beautiful photos by the by! Snug Magic for me!

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