Sunday Gardening

Midsummer Garden Magick

Merry meet all,

It’s a typical slow Sunday. I peered out the window to see my slowly blossoming garden then strolled through my garden. I am fortunate to have a garden. The stems poke through the soil and show their fragile green heads. The air is still cold but my perennials are showing true determination. I love it. 

My first hosta, whom I call Oberon, the King of my garden, is way behind the new hosta. I can’t figure out why he is taking longer to grow big and reign and reclaim his kingship in the garden. Oh well in time he will. The leopard’s bane have blossomed and their sunny faces brighten the garden. My comfrey, echinacea, woodruff, bugleweed, lady’s mantle, dutchman’s breeches, mugwort, and chives, lilies, Siberian Iris, are up.  I can’t wait to see my garden full. I await the lemon balm, mint and rue. 

Well it’s early yet. There is still time for those of you who grow from seed. This year I am trying new plants such as corn, squash, milk thistle, feverfew and of course, my vegetables from last year like carrots- which I just harvested grown indoors, peas, shallots, tomatoes, and potatoes. I will try growing potatoes this year. I hate food that has so many chemicals in it. I am also going to try radishes, kale, beans and mesclun mix. I planted a bitter grapevine on one side of my door. I plan to train the vine to grow upwards over my back door. It will look beautiful. 

Recently lots of people marched in protest to GMO food. I believe the protests to be beneficial in raising awareness and showing Monsanto that we hate their chemical cocktails poisoning our food. That is why it is crucial to find companies in your area that sell organic seeds. If you count back from a frost date, you can start many plants indoors now. 

Gather a seed tray, organic starting seed soil mix, a water jug or mister, a tray, and of course, your organic seed packets. Be patient and if some seedlings don’t survive, plant more seeds. This summer, I plan to create a new flowerbed in my garden. I have to clear away the small tree bushes to create room for the flowers. My mammoth sunflowers and autumn beauty sunflowers will be growing there as well as the squash hopefully, if the slugs keep off. I look forward to fall and being able to enjoy my garden harvest. Mmmm can’t you taste it and imagine it all already? 

I spray the seed tray with a mister as opposed to using a water jug. The seed tray is covered with a lid, which creates a nice moist environment for the seeds to germinate. Some seeds are germinating now as I observe and I look forward to watching them grow in the garden. 

Fill each slot in the tray with soil. Set a seed in each slot in the seed tray. Mist the seed tray and cover with the clear lid. Set by a sunny window. Be patient. Squeal with glee when little green sprouts emerge. You can chant or bless the seeds as you plant them. When they have grown a certain size, move them into a new little home or outdoors for transplanting. 

I wish you all lots of luck and blessings from the Goddess )O(

Lady Spiderwitch


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