Garden Chores


Merry meet all,

I have a long list of garden chores I have to complete. I am waiting though, waiting for the waxing moon. I planted kale, mesclun mix, soybeans, black beans, adzuki beans, and lavender. I transplanted leopard’s bane, bugle weed, woodruff. Those plants had disappeared under my sprawling woodruff. My pansy seed germinated. My garden is most beauteous. Soon pansies will regally adorn my garden. 

The Witch Hazel I ordered might be in next week!!! Oooh I am so excited. What a beautiful plant! I can’t wait to plant it and help it grow. I promise to post more about that. Oh I can’t wait. 

I hope I get the hazel when the moon is waxing. It is a good idea to plant plants that grow above ground during the waxing moon. Farmers have been gardening by the moon phases for centuries. The waxing moon grows full and affects the ocean tides. You plant vegetables, herbs, fruit, and flowers that grow below ground during the waning moon. 

Here is a link to tell you more about it:   The moon is in Pisces and is 64% waning gibbous. The moon grows full by July 12th. Mercury goes direct on July 1st. 

Good luck gardening!! Remember to garden by the moon phases for a fruitful harvest!! The company that is ordering the shrub for me just called to tell me they can’t get it in till next spring. I will wait and work on the soil till then. 

Blessings, Lady Spiderwitch )O(



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