Merry Summer Solstice- candles


Solstice 1

Merry meet all,

I hope you enjoyed a fun-filled weekend. My weekend was great. I invited a friend over to help her to make a blue candle for Solstice. It is not hard to make a candle. It does involve detail, care, and understanding how to make everything work together to make a beautiful candle.  The sun enters Cancer at Solstice. Cancer is a water element. 

I also visited another person I know. I like Mike’s cafe, Chebucto Coffeehouse. The cafe has a pleasing, relaxed, and artistic vibe to it. That is the type of cafe environment I enjoy. Last night, i watched Hocus Pocus, which is a  great movie. Today, I made an orange candle, which corresponds with the fiery energy of Solstice.  My candle can be seen in the photo above. 

Here is how I like to make a candle. I dedicate a cooking pot to the candle wax. I always use the same pot for the wax. Later, I have to majorly scrub the pot. I melt the wax in the pot in a double boiler. I don’t add too much water to the lower pot nor keep the temperature too high. I remain near the pot for the duration of the time. I spread newspaper on the table to avoid hot wax spills. I gather all my supplies ahead of time and have them at hand. 

I prepare the wick. I have both prepared wick and wick I can prepare myself. For my orange Solstice candle, I tied the wick in a knot in the wick tab centre, then secured the tab by using plyers and closing the wick tab corners. I secured the wick tab and wick with mold sealer. Take your time with this step to ensure a successful candle. 

I pressed hard down on the wick tab in the can to make sure the wick tab was in place. I returned to the wax in the pot. I stirred the wax with a stick, added 3 drops of lavender essential oil, and added the powder for releasing a candle from a mold. When I was certain the ingredients had blended, I put the can on the newspaper and turned down the stove heat. I placed the pot on the newspaper. Holding the centred wick with one hand, I cautiously added the hot wax to the can. I kept the wick as sturdy as I could. This is crucial, because a candle without a centred wick is useless. I tied the long untrimmed wick to another skewer stick and held it above the can. Oh I had a problem.

I put the candle in the fridge to settle for a few hours. I balanced the wick on something to keep the wick centred and solved the problem. After the time had passed, I checked on the candle. I ran into another temporary problem. This is how trial and error comes into play. You have to make mistakes to learn. That is how I know all this.

I asked a friendly tenant if she could help me get the candle out of the can. She popped it out for me in seconds. I had gone all around the candle’s perimeter with a knife. I was happy to have removed the candle. It now sits proudly on the altar. 

I cleaned the workspace, put everything away. and trimmed the wick by a few inches. ALways get in the habit of tidying your workspace. I keep my candle making supplies in one box that I decorated myself. It makes it easier the next time I want to make candles. 

I with you all a fun-filled memorable Solstice!

Blessed Be, Lady Spiderwitch )O(


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