Summer Beauty


Merry meet all,

This month, I have had the honour of winning free coffee for a month from Chebucto Coffee. I feel great but I am also the shy type. So I go in every other day for a coffee, even though it’s free. I also have the privilege of enjoying free refreshing Italian Sodas. Considering the hot muggy heat, that is a good thing. 

Are the slugs eating your plants? Crumple eggshells and place around your plants such as lettuce, kale, or your other plants to keep them off. They don’t like hard shells. Sharp seashells and glass shards are effective too. 

My indoor garden is going well. On top of my guinea pig cage, I set a board that is very wide. I have placed pots and I am growing flowers. It’s great because the plants get the open air from the window and loads of sunshine. So now I am starting pansies, calendula, genovese basil, and sunflowers from seed. 

In the fall, after the harvest, I shall clean and store all my garden supplies, including my pots, in the storage tote bin in my broom closet. In fact, I think I may get a larger bin to hold the larger pots that are outdoors for my veggies such as carrots, peas, radishes, and my beans and soybeans. It’s great to have storage options. I hope I have a great harvest this fall. I also hope my squash grows it’s long vines and legs alreade. It is so hard to be patient. My piggy Magic will of course, get first choice in the garden harvest munchies. 

I love gardening. I stroll through my garden sipping my coffee every morning. I am blessed to have such a beautiful garden. Enjoy summer!!!

Blessed Be,

Lady Spiderwitch )O(


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