Lammas Altar Setup

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Merry meet all,

I’m going to talk about how to decorate your altar for Lammas. I scored a beautiful altar cloth for Lammas at a nearby fabric store. The cloth is light brown in colour and is printed with lots of small autumnal brown leaves and white leaves all over it. I love it because it is perfect for the early fall harvest Sabbat theme. If you keep an eye out, you may also find the perfect altar cloth for you!

The harvest Sabbats focus on the theme of life, death and rebirth. We are still in the dog days of summer and I have casted many a frustrated glance at my garden, wishing the plants to grow overnight. The Goddess and God take their sweet time. So don’t go overboard in your decorations. Here is what will work. 

Use a combination of summer and autumn colours- yellows, oranges, golds, oranges and reds. Use browns and greens to represent the fertility of the earth and the harvested crops. Use candles in rich deep colours like reds, burgundies, or other autumn shades. 

Use symbols of the harvest on your altar such as sickles and scythes- the boline! Sheafs of grain, fresh picked fruits and veggies. and loaves of bread are perfect for a Lammas time altar!

Other symbols for Lammas can include grapes and wine, corn dolls, ears of corn, iron, fall flowers, straw braids and onion garlands. Use statues of Lugh or Hecate on the altar. 

Enjoy decorating your altar! Play some music or chant as you place each item in its corresponding spot. Burn an incense suitable for this task and light a candle. Leave the candle and incense burning, and inhale the fragrance. Meditate on the candle flame and let the candle flames warm your altar- not set it on fire, as a blessing to your altar.  You can either snuff or blow the candle out. If you snuff out the candle, you keep the energies within the candle and if you blow out the candle, you release the energies in the candle. 

Merry Lammas!

Blessed Be,

Lady Spiderwitch )O(


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