Gods of Lammas


Merry meet all,

Lugh is an important figure in Lammas. He is a Celtic god of craftsmanship and skill. He was known as the Many Skilled God, because he was so gifted. In a legend, Lugh arrives at Tara, and is denied entrance. He describes all the wonderful things he can do, and every time the guard denies him. Finally he is admitted entrance.

Celebrate Lammas by honouring your own many special skills and abilities. Make an offering to Lugh, the god of craftsmanship. Light a candle and some smoky sandalwood incense. Sit down and using a special magickal pen, write down in your journal or Book of Shadows, your many skills and talents. You may be more talented than you thought. Store the list in your BOS. 

Decorate your altar with items related to your talents. For example, you may wish to include a hammer for carpentry, jewelry, a journal for writing, or a loaf of bread for baking. Use a green or brown candle to symbolize Lugh. You can add some stalks of grain if you like to symbolize Lammas.

Study the flickering candle flame for a moment. Let its power and magick wash over you. Think about your accomplishments. Say aloud:

“Strong Lugh, the Celtic many-skilled god, patron of the arts, silver-tongued bard, I honour you,  and ask that you bless me and my gifts with your skill and wisdom. Blessed Be.”

Offer a fresh loaf of bread or something you harvested from your garden. Say aloud: “I thank you, mighty Lugh, for hearing my words tonight. I leave you this offering of bread and wine tonight. Blessed Be.”

When you are ready, end the ritual. 

Blessed Be, Lady Spiderwitch )O(


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