Lammas Decorations

Solstice 1

Merry meet all,

Want some tips on how to decorate for Lammas? Look no further. This post will share great ideas on how to be ready for Lammas.

Corn  Bunch up colourful ears of corn and hang them for decoration. Place them in a bowl for an eye-catching centerpiece. Use corn husks to make corn dolls, corn husk chains or herbal sachet pouches. They also make ideal gifts for guests. 

Herbs, fruit and vegetables  If you can get some tasty treats at your local organic farmers market, you are in luck. Put them out on display. Set herbs in a wooden bowl and leave by a window. Set fresh apples in a glass bowl. Or display herbs or onion braids on your door or at your windowsill for decoration. Make your own smudge sticks or dry for later use. 

Crafts  Show off your talents in your crafts and display them in your kitchen. This can be a knitting project, metalwork, sculpted bowls, and beadwork. Take pride in your talent!!

Lammas Bread  Turn a ho-hum corner of your kitchen into a lovely seasonal altar. Physically clean and smudge and asperge with vinegar, salt or water. Set the altar in the corner. I have a round table that I have arranged next to the wall next to my backyard kitchen door. It doesn’t get in my way and provides me with a great place to store kitchen witch altar tools. I enjoy lighting candles when cooking or eating a meal next to where i eat. I have posted a photo of the altar above. Decorate it with the theme of the season. Try a cornucopia of seeds, acorns, fruit, wine. Bake a loaf of bread and set that on your altar. Throw bits of bread out to the eager birds in the morning. 

Herbal Infusion  Brew a magical concoction of herbs in a pot and simmer on low heat. Brew it as you decorate. Use herbs such as mugwort, vervain, thyme, sage, sandalwood, and juniper. Dry orange rind in the oven, grind it with your mortar and pestle, and add to the brew. Let the beautiful scent fill your kitchen. 

Candles  Make a Lammas candle. Use your intuition and creativity here. I store old bits of candle wax. But I also have all the supplies for candle making. I never bought a kit. I just collected the items over time, which was cheaper. When you make your own candle, the candle feels more special. Don’t let your inexperience at candle making stop you. Just invoke Lugh for his blessing!!.

Enjoy decorating your home with these magickal and affordable tips!

Blessed Be, Lady Spiderwitch )O(


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