Little Mysteries

New Cauldron- Cerridwen

Merry meet all,

Lammas is almost here!! Are you excited? Now you know how to dress up your altar, perform a ritual, which gods to honour, and how to decorate your house. I bet you all have a wonderful Lammas ritual or two planned. I plan to bake bread just for Lammas and of course, use my lovely bread basket. 

You are welcome to submit photos of your altars if you choose here. I look forward to seeing them. 

This month means a change for me. My favourite metaphysical store, Little Mysteries, will be closing. I have been a customer of that wonderful store for years. I am saddened to know it is closing after all this time and the hard work they have done for the community. Now I need to go farther to get supplies or buy them online, when before the store was on a local bus route. 

When one of these treasures disappear, it does affect the community. I will miss the friendly staff I have known for such a long time. They had everything I needed, whether it was candles or advice on a spell. The pagan community will be affected by the change, too, in a negative way. Their main support system’s absence will be felt by many. 

Into the Mystic is another good metaphysical store but they are much farther away. That is a day’s bus trip for me. It is not the same. It goes to show that the small stores that struggle to survive against the large corporate stores almost don’t stand a chance. It is hard for them to compete and is all the more reason why we need to support locally and buy locally. I also always carry cloth bags with me most times everywhere I go and proudly carry my Little Mysteries cloth bags, which are perfect for carrying everything. 

Support local. Encourage your pagan friends to do the same. If you continue to, you can keep a pulse of life alive in your pagan community. 

Blessed Be, Lady Spiderwitch )O(


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