The Magick of Lammas

celtic forest resin cauldron

Merry meet all,

The Wheel of the Year turns to Lammas tomorrow. Here are some activities you can do to celebrate Lammas magickally. 

I bought the book The Way of the Hedge Witch by Arin Murphy Hiscock. A section of this excellent book talks about cauldrons. I just cleaned and seasoned my cauldron following the comprehensive steps listed. The black cast-iron cauldron was my first cauldron from Little Mysteries. I never knew it was so simple to re – season a cauldron. I intend to do that for all my other small cauldrons. I also own a huge cauldron, ok, not that big, but too heavy to move anywhere. It was seasoned and I will wait a while to season it again.

This could be a good time to whip out some Epsom salts, lemons, olive oil and some plain environmentally friendly soap and clean all of your altar tools. 

Heck- clean your entire altar area! Banish the dust bunnies and sweep and mop. Clean your altar table or what have you with salt and water. 

Make vervain water. Vervain was sacred to the Druids. You can use vervain to cleanse your altar tools or your sacred space, or purify your altar for ritual. To make it, you will need a half cup of vervain leaves and 2 cups of boiling water. Boil the water. Pour it over the vervain leaves in a pitcher or bowl and allow to steep for half an hour. Strain and pour into a jar. Add the damp leaves to your garden. Use the water for cleansing and purification.

Black Salt  Black Salt is used as a protective element. You can sprinkle it around your property to keep your home safe from intruders or annoying neighbours. Do not use liquid to avoid clumping. Here is a recipe for salt

  • 2 parts sea salt
  • 1 part scrapings from a cast iron skillet
  • 1 part finely ground black pepper

You can adjust the portions of this recipe. If you have a well-seasoned cast iron pot or cauldron, you can scrape the bottom of the cauldron. 

Have a magickal Lammas!

Blessed Be, 
Lady Spiderwitch 



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