Lammas Arrives

autumn scene

Merry meet all,

Today is Lammas!! Lammas is the first of the three harvest Sabbats. I wish you all a wonderful day. 

Today I woke up at 6 am. That is early but it felt good to be alone with the sun rising over my garden. The sun coaxed the plants awake. A squirrel tree hopped and birds stole my egg shells I put there to deter slugs. Little thieves. I received such a burst of energy and I think I will do that everday. I hardly ever see the sun rise on my garden. It was beautiful. 

I have dressed my altar. I have to bake bread later. I get a new fridge and new bathroom sink and vanity. I have set up an abundance, wealth and prosperity crystal grid in the south east corner of my room. I encourage you all to do the same. It looks like I am beginning Lammas on the right foot! 

You are welcome to post photos to this blog, if you wish. 

Blessed be,
Lady Spiderwitch 


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