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Merry meet all,

September has arrived. The leaves are turning already and the tiniest chill creeps into the air. This is when everyone thinks of autumn: pumpkins, squashes, and warm sweaters. The Celtic Tree Month of Vine begins today. 

Mabon occurs on September 21st. It represents the balance between dark and light, night and day. It is the autumn equinox, a time of balance. The Full Moon. the Harvest Moon, occurs on the 8th-9th of September. There is lots to look forward to and reason to celebrate. 

The harvest is at its peak. We should thank the land and Mother Earth for providing us with what we need. Also, have we achieved everything that we set out to do? Now is the time to harvest our goals and dreams. 

Reflect on the harvest and on your dreams and aspirations as the Full Moon and the autumn equinox nears. Blessed be

Lady Spiderwitch )O(


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