Merry meet all,

Mabon is almost here! Okay it’s two weeks away. The Harvest Moon on September 8 is almost here. This Full Moon is the last of the trio of the Supermoons of 2014. September’s Supermoon will be one of the brightest of the year. 

Farmers have traditionally completed their gardening harvest by the light of the moon. I am still working on my garden. I recently planted radish and beet seeds. I thinned the seedlings and added fresh soil and water. I am keeping an eye on them. I plan to harvest herbs, tomatoes, beans, maybe some soybeans, and flowers. I saved foxglove seeds and I was gifted a lot of lavender, hollyhock, lily seeds, and two rose of sharon plants. My garden will be more gorgeous next year. (That’s why I always look forward to spring!!) I do love to eat my own garden grown veggies!! No GMO. I also harvested a potato. It is so small but I shall plant more next year. I also hope to harvest garlic next spring. I want to plant some tulip bulbs this fall too. Lots to do!

Where I live, I clearly see the moon shining in her glory above my apartment. I can look out the window or stand outside to gave on her. The moon shines over my garden in the back yard. 

I am extra prepared for Samhain this year. I have a Halloween tree! I scored the tree from Little Mysteries, the legendary awesome metaphysical store that recently closed. I am sad to see the store gone but I am glad to have the tree. I hope to have the tree all decorated in time for Halloween. I will post pics of it later. There is a pic at the top of this post. 

Merry Harvest!

Lady Spiderwitch )O(


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