Mabon Incense

Yule Jar

Merry meet all,

Here is a recipe on how to make spicy Mabon incense. You can burn the incense on a charcoal brick, toss it into the fire, or simmer it on your stove. Note: clean your stove inside and out to give a more special feeling to your Mabon cooking and crafts. Collect some pinecones and acorns for decoration. 

The ingredients for Mabon incense are to be found in your pantry or nature path. Mabon is a time of abundance. You will need sandalwood, pine, rosemary, cinnamon, dried apple and dried oak leaf. Dry orange and lemon peels in the oven to add a citrusy flavour to your mix. 

As you mix the ingredients together, concentrate on the meaning of Mabon magic. It is a time of the harvest, balance and abundance. It is also a time of gratitude. The ancient Celts always stored goods away in preparation for the coming harsh winters. 

Blessed Be,

Lady Spiderwitch )O(


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