Seed saving


Merry meet all,

I own a book that I just love. The book is titled The Complete Guide to Saving 322 Seeds. That’s what I have been doing. I look up gardening forum sites, read that book, and try to learn from people on Facebook and at garden centres on how to save seeds. So I have learned what I hope is a lot about saving seeds. 

Saving seeds lets you promote diversity and give you control over what you grow. I have saved a lot of different kinds of seeds. I was also given some seeds from someone I knew. I saved lavender, hollyhock, sweet pea seeds, and a type of tiger lily from the lady who gave me the seeds. On my own, I saved milk thistle seeds, coneflower, dill, mesclun mix seeds, a few red adzuki beans, basil seeds, foxglove,and lady’s mantle seeds. 

Each plant has a way that it stores its seed. The proper thing to do with all plants is wait till the seed heads turn brown then collect the seeds. Dill seeds can be saved from the umbrels. The milk thistle seeds are harvested by opening up the downy seed head- once you get past the thorns, and putting a plate under the downy white cotton to catch the seeds as they fall. I gathered the mesclun mix seeds by waiting for a pod to turn brown. One day, I plucked it and split open the tiny pod and tiny brown seeds appeared. I put them in an enveliope. I only collected a few. I saved the basil seeds from the nutlets on the flower stem and I waited for those to brown. It was easy to save the foxglove seeds. They form nutlets and the seeds spill out. Foxglove self-pollinates and lets seeds fall out everywhere. I know this because there is a quite a patch of foxglove happily seeding itself in the backyard everywhere. The seeds of lady’s mantle are the star-shaped flowers. So from all that, I now have a beautifully aged old wooden basket holding all manner of seeds in envelopes. I gave last year’s squash seeds to the birds. 

You can make your own seed envelopes. Search the net for templates then get creative and decorate them. I did it and it saves you forking out precious dollars for seed envelopes. Download them, print them out, cut and make the templates then draw pentagrams, pumpkins , or even triquetras and sunflowers. You can be as creative as you want. 

I hope to start an indoor greenhouse this fall. I want to move some plants from the garden indoors. I plan to get a stand with 3 shelves and put plastic all over it then place the stand at the south-facing window. I want to get some big planters and grow some veggies in it too, flowers and herbs. Who says it has to end at summer?

I shall keep you posted about my greenhouse project! Till then, save seeds and grow organic!

Blessings, Lady Spiderwitch


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