Merry meet all,

Today I visited my witches Faery Garden. It is becoming less the dark Faerie Garden it was in its infancy, & now blossoming into more of a Light Faerie Garden. I have cut down a few trees, which has allowed a lot more light in. 

I discovered that tomatoes were still growing and my edamame beans are still growing, and that the red bean plant is still bearing flowers.. Also, the mesclun mix is still bearing new yellow flowers. I am amazed. By now, you would assume frost has killed everything. But nope. My garden is tough and hardy. Well that’s cool.

I apologize for the delay in postings. I have been working hard at my writing all week in time for a deadline. I have had some small victories too. Why don’t you all browse the links below to read my published writing? It seems Mabon truly is a time of harvest and abundance. Has it been that way for you? I hope so. 

I bought a pumpkin but I plan to get more. I want white and orange pumpkins. Make some soup and bread and remember to roast the seeds, and save some for the garden next spring!!

Blessed be, Lady Spiderwitch  )O(



Eternal Haunted Summer Ezine published my poem, Cave of the Goddess:

Essential Herbal Magazine published my article about permaculture homesteads:

Circle Magazine published my reprinted article about Persephone and those bewitching pomegranates:

And, Moon Books published my essay about Sedna, the Inuit Sea Goddess:



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