Moon Mysteries

Thunder Moon July 2013

Merry meet all,

Tonight the Blood Moon rules the skies. October’s Full Moon is known as the Blood Moon. Celebrate the moon by following the information here. 

Since it’s October, the moon is powerful and more special. Bake some esbat cookies. The best recipe can be found in Cunningham’s Wicca book. You can buy cool halloween themed cookie cutters at the dollar store. Use the cookie cutters in shapes of bats, ghosts, and witches to add some extra fun to your cakes and ale ritual. 

The dark half of the year is upon us. I am for myself, never sure what colour of altar cloth to use at a Mabon full moon. I guess a dark or light colour can do either way. It depends on your intent. Use a dark colour to represent the dark half of the year or light to symbolize the moon’s purity and light. Use silver and white candles. Sprinkle silver glitter on the altar. Decorate your altar with gourds, pumpkins, and fruit such as pomegranates. Pumpkins are to me, about childish mischief while pomegranates make me think of the undead in Hades and our dark lady Persephone. When the moon shines high in the night sky, start your ritual. These are simply guidelines to help you on your ritual. 

You can include pictures of your ancestors on your altar. A Blood Moon ritual can go so many ways. We are close to Samhain (Hallowe’en), and yet it is still Mabon. You could concentrate on your ritual being between Mabon and Samhain. I totally enjoy Mabon almost as much as I do Samhain. You can honor your ancestors during the ritual. Remember to be thankful for the bounty you have received from the last year. Samhain is the Celtic Witches New Year. This is the time prior to Samhain to tie up loose ends, finish projects, and think about what you have achieved in the last year. 

This fall, leave an offering of milk and honey outside/ in your garden. I do in spring and fall. The earth winds down now in preparation for the long cold sleep. My garden is covered with gorgeous autumn leaves. The vines are brown and I have stocked up on many diverse seeds from the plants. Say something or chant as you spill the libation on the earth. The nature spirits have worked hard on your plants and should be honoured and thanked. Don’t think they aren’t there. When a tenant power cleaned the whole outside of the apartment building ( a broken house), the spirits got so angry. I didn’t see them, I felt them. I actually had to calm them and burn sage outside to appease them. So be respectful. Leave a gemstone and sage and milk and honey. I will too!!! Besides, the adorable chickadees expect me to supply them with seed in the best bird feeder I have ever owned. 

Now the veil between the worlds is thinning, Consider performing a divination or a seance. I plan to dedicate my Hallowe’en Oracle deck tonight. 


Gemstones: hematite, obsidian, clear quartz crystal, and amethyst and tourmaline

Herbs: Apple blossoms, mugwort, sandalwood, catnip, Sweet Annie

Gods: Herne, Apollo, Dionysius, and Cernunnos- Diana, Persephone, Morrigan, the Crone

Trees: Apple and yew

Colours: Dark blue, purple, black

Element: Air

Enjoy this season and all that it has to offer. Remember your ancestors and those who have gone before you. Leave an offering for the fairies outside. Celebrate the Blood Moon tonight. Carve pumpkins and feast on roasted seeds. 

Blessed be, Lady Spiderwitch )O(

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