Spring Bulbs

Found items

Merry meet all,

I just planted my spring bulbs- yellow, red, and deep gorgeous purple tulips and tri-coloured crocuses. First, I put on jeans and sneakers, dug out my shovel and trowel, and with my hair bouncing up in a ponytail, set to creating soil.

I emptied the pots of beans and peas, which were dying anyway, and dug a trench. I loosened the soil and removed the rocks. Then I stirred in the peas and beans soil, which was dark and smelled good and crumbly. I mixed the soil and cleared a space for the bulbs. I forget what was planted where. I’ll know come spring. I placed the bulbs in, each a few inches from each other, and sprinkled cayenne pepper, should those squirrels get curious. The bulbs are in the soil real deep. I shovelled the soil over the bulbs and watered them heavily. I put a big log over the bulbs patch. I am sure my new garden patch appreciates the composted soil. The worms will!! I put the plant tags in the soil, patted all the soil down, and admired the garden. A bird flew up to my shoulder and startled me, which startled the bird. I refilled the bird feeder.

Leaves fell to the earth and the false sunflowers shivered in the wind. The wind blew through the trees and chickadees fluttered back and forth across the garden to the feeder. I saw a red cardinal earlier, sparrows, and woodpeckers. I spotted a purple flower on my milk thistle plant. It is a beautiful day and I am sad to see my garden go. I have yet to scrub and bleach the pots clean and store the poles and pots indoors in my broom closet. Now I fed Magic and enjoying a coffee, and I know that next spring, if those garden pests behave, I should have bulbs. Gorgeous spring tulips. I can’t wait. The sun’s shining on my garden. Even though it’s autumn, and leaves are sprinkled over the garden area, it is so beautiful.

Blessed Be,

Lady Spiderwitch )O(


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