Grave Rubbings


Merry meet all,

Ancestor worship is a common part of Samhain celebrations. I happen to live near a graveyard. You can see it in the photo above. If you want to do a grave rubbing, try doing it at nightfall to avoid suspicion. I plan to do a grave rubbing but it might look weird to some people who don’t understand your plan. So be respectful of the dead and the living.

Bring the appropriate necessary items with you. Be careful to avoid damaging a headstone. If a stone is worn or crumbling down, pass on it. Choose one that is in good condition. The best ones are the polished granite stones or the solid state markers.

You will need lightweight paper like butcher paper, a large crayon like black, rubbing wax, masking tape, and a soft-bristled brush. You will also need a pair of scissors to trim grass off at the base of the stone.

Once you’ve chosen a stone, brush it off lightly. Dust and organic material can accumulate in the carvings. Use masking tape to keep the paper in place over the area you wish to rub.

Start your rubbing by filling in the outer edges of the area and work your way in. Use strong strokes with your crayon to capture the details. You can go back and fill in the details later. When you’re done, say a prayer to the ‘dead’ person whose stone you’re using. Be sure to smudge the grave rubbing and the grave so a spirit doesn’t follow you home.

Roll your rubbing up and secure with a rubber band or put it in a tube. Take everything home with you and don’t leave a mess. Have respect.

Once at home, put the finishing touches on the rubbing and add it to your Samhain altar. Smudge with sage if a weird energy lingers.

Blessed Be, Lady Spiderwitch


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