Eerie Samhain candles

Solstice 1

Merry meet all,

The time of the Crone is now. Summer has waned and autumn is waxing. Leaves trickle to the earth and pumpkins peek out from their perches on doorsteps. Ghostly cobwebs shiver in the wind. The most horrific season is upon us. Play some scary tunes and get ready for candle crafting in time for Samhain!

Well the chill might drive you indoors but what to do once inside? Make candles, of course. This post is for those of you who are like me and struggling to survive on little cash. You don’t have to break the bank. If you have burned all your tea lights and saved the tea light holders, then you’re in luck.

Clean out the old wax in the tea light holders. When they are empty and clean, set them aside. Make a double boiler by putting a small pot over a larger one. Fill the larger  one with some water, not a lot. Over low heat on the stove, gently melt some wax. I save old candle wax from used candles in a ziploc bag. 

Cover your work area with newspaper to avoid spills and messes. Again, keep old newspaper if you like to make candles. See? saved tons of money already. Wax, holders, and newspaper do work wonders for your dollars. Gather together the necessary items for candle making such as a long wooden spoon, wick, wick tab, and wax putty – mold adhesive, fragrance, dye blocks to change candle wax colours, a pencil to hold the wick, and if you choose, herbs. 

When the wax has melted, you can add fragrances and herbs and oils. You could peruse Scott Cunningham’s wonderful book ‘The Complete Book of Incenses, Oils and Brews for inspiration. Set the wick in the mould and secure it with adhesive or tape or hot glue. Be sure it is centred in the mould- tea light holder- metal tin. Pour the wax into the holder ever so carefully. Make sure there are no holes in the tea light holder. I made tea lights last night and the wax poured out of the bottom of one holder, so be careful. 

Wax will shrink a little so keep that in mind and a little extra wax in the pot. Cool the wax. Let the wax set in the metal tin. I plan to make several orange tea light candles. Why buy them when I can make them and they can contain my energy better because they are homemade? Once you are in the hang of it, you will love crafting your own candles.


Trim the wick to 1/4 inch. Enjoy your masterpiece. 

Tip: If you have long white taper candles, try dripping red candle wax down the taper candle for an eerie bloody blood dripping effect!

Blessed be, Lady Spiderwitch )O(


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