Review of Essays of Contemporary Paganism

Solstice 1

Merry meet all,

I’m reviewing a book today, titled Essays of Contemporary Paganism, published by Moon Books. I read the pdf version of this book. It’s an anthology of twelve writers’ essays about their eclectic views of what is contemporary paganism today in our modern society. Each author’s essay must reflect a common theme. The authors all write what they think of paganism trying to grasp a foothold in a technological society. 

I liked the book itself. I also think it’s a great thing this book was published because it is telling the truth of what is happening in our world. I also like that some of the authors included Canada, since I am Canadian, and I live in a very hip metaphysical community where Paganism is very much alive. Another author hailed from Australia. This gives the book a universal global theme. A Pagan can be from anywhere. But the concerns remain the same and it shows a shared vision. 

I found the book to be a little dry and thus hard to continue to read. I think the book lacked vitality. But I didn’t once doubt the author’s intents to share their concerns, and unique stories ranging from King Author to Australia to the Native Americans. Such differing essay made the book interesting. 

I would recommend this book to all the eager Pagan/ Wiccan readers who enjoy reading books published by Moon Books and other pagan titles. If you are interested in learning more about it, I have included a link below:

Blessed Be, Lady Spiderwitch )O(


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