Deities of Winter Solstice


Merry meet all,

The Gods awaken at the time of the Winter Solstice. One of the deities is Odin, the most loved Nordic god. There are a number of similarities between Odin’s escapades and those of the character who became Santa Claus. Odin was often depicted as leading a hunting party through the skies, where he rode his eight-legged Sleipnir. In the 13th-century Poetic Edda, Sleipnir is described to leap to great distances, which scholars said was similar to Santa’s reindeer. Odin was portrayed as an old man with a long beard- much like Santa himself. 

On Yule eve, children set up stockings and filled them with tasty gifts for Sleipnir such as carrots and straw. When Odin was near, he rewarded the tots by leaving gifts in their boots. This tradition became associated  with St. Nicholas. 

When the Dutch settlers arrived and settled in Amsterdam, they brought with them their tradition of leaving shoes for St.Nicholas to fill with gifts. They also brought the name Sinterklaas, who later morphed into Santa Claus. 

Many of the traditions we follow today have pagan origins. Can you think of any?

Blessed Be, Lady Spiderwitch )O(


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